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Welcome Message from the Founding Director

Welcome to the official site of Woodlands Boys Choir, the premier youth choir serving The Woodlands, Texas, and surrounding areas. It is our privilege and honor to mentor young men ages 6-14 in a nurturing, wholesome environment where they can experience the joy of learning and performing music together.

At a time when children are confronted with technology at the earliest ages and from every direction, the atmosphere of the choir can provide a respite from a frenzied, fast-paced world that is too often scary and hostile.  With WBC, we provide a safe haven for boys to gather, sing glorious music, play games, fellowship, and learn skills and abilities that will help mold them into future gentlemen. 

Our programs are specially designed to help transform young men into well-rounded, productive individuals who appreciate arts, faith, humanity, music, and life.

We understand and appreciate the responsibility we have to enrich the lives of every boy entrusted to us, and to nurture them with love, hope, and joy through this experience.

Whether you’re a young man who craves a bonding experience unlike any other, a parent who wishes for your child to reach his greatest potential, or a member of the public who loves music, Woodlands Boys Choir is for you. We thank you for your support.

Sherryl Smith Pond
Founder and Artistic Director
B.Mus., B.Mus.Ed., M.Mus.
Fulbright Scholar

“Once you’re in a boys choir, it’s like a family, and you’re with a lot of brothers.”


Woodlands Boys Choir’s “TrebleMakers” (ages 6-8) choir

Woodlands Boys Choir’s “TrebleMakers” (ages 6-8) choir

Check out the auditions page for more information about the audition process and how to sign-up!

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A huge “thank you” to our supporting organizations:

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