New Director of WBC Tour Choir Announced

Woodlands Boys Choir is excited to announce, and Mr. Austin Hunt has accepted, the position as a new Director of our Tour Choir.  Mrs. Pond will remain as Co-Director of the Tour Choir, as well as Artistic Director.  Both directors will be in rehearsals, but Mr. Hunt will be the primary conductor.   

Mr. Hunt has been the Choral Director of Cox Intermediate School, where his choir was named “Grand Champion of the Conroe Choral Festival” and “Best in Festival” at the American Classic Choral Competition. 

Mr. Hunt is engaging and energetic with his students, who respond enthusiastically to his direction.  He has just accepted the position as Choir Director at Grantham Middle School in Alden ISD (Kingwood).  

He has served in various capicities in churches and has performed as a vocal artist in opera, oratorio and recital.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mujsic Education from SHSU.  He has a lovely wife, Adaluz, and loves to fly, play tennis, and spend time with her.